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  • 2019 Toyota Highlander

    Toyota Highlander
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Replace front brake pad linings and machine front brake disc rotors. Clean and lubricate brake calipers and slide mechanisms. Check and fill brake fluid. Bleed air from system. Road test vehicle.
    • Replace rear shoes/Pads Install rear hardware, if necessary, machine drums or rotors, and adjust parking brake. Road test vehicle.
    Susan P. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/19/2024
  • 2014 Chevrolet Captiva Sport

    Chevrolet Captiva Sport
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • We have diagnosed the problem as a leaking timing cover gasket and most likely a front seal as well. The serpentine belt is cracked. We recommend replacing the serpentine belt, tensioner, and idler pulley.
    • Set time pressure to spec. Light remained on. Scanned for codes and vehicle has code for the left front Tire pressure sensor. Vehicle requires a new tire pressure sensor.
    • TIMING COVER GASKET – Remove & Replace – [Includes: Perform Relearn procedure.] – [Includes: Replace Front Oil Seal(s).]
    Bob V. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/13/2024
  • 2006 Jeep Wrangler

    Jeep Wrangler
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • THERMOSTAT – Remove & Replace
    • Found a P0132 1/1 O2 sensor voltage high and a P0456 EVAP system small leak detected.
    • The A/C system blows cold but only out of the defrost and floor. Found the actuator that controls the blend door and no vacuum is present when commanded. Smoke tested the vacuum system for the hvac system and found a broken hose in the engine compartment. Replaced the hose and smoke tested again, no other leaks found at this time. Now the blend door system is working correctly.
    Mike N. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/3/2024
  • 2010 Dodge Challenger

    Dodge Challenger
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • We inspected the pulley system and found that the water is in fact seized causing the belt to shred. We spun all the other accessory drive pulleys and found that the tensioner and the idler pulley are worn out as well. All other dive pulleys are ok at this time. We recommend replacing the water pump and gasket, thermostat and gasket, coolant, serpentine belt tensioner, idler pulley, and serpentine belt.
    • WATER PUMP – Remove & Replace – V8
    • THERMOSTAT – Remove & Replace – V8
    John A. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/2/2024
  • 2011 Mazda 6

    Mazda 6
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Tested battery and battery has 11 volts but only 100cca. Need to charge then retest battery to determine health. Also noticed the negative wire and terminal are corroded causing a bad connection, someone has also attempted to repair the wires going to the positive terminal. Recommend peeling the insulation of the wires back to determine if the entire wire needs to be replaced from the corrosion or we can repair the wire with need eyelids and marine terminals. To start. After repairing wires and installing eyelids with new terminals. Vehicle now starts. Performed a post charging system test and passed. Charging 14.0 volts unloaded and 13.9 volts loaded. Checked oil and coolant level and okay at this time.
    • Peel wiring back and determine if the cabling is okay. Then replace the eye lids and terminal as required.
    Ron L. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/26/2024
  • 2020 Honda Civic

    Honda Civic
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Service air conditioner. Check condition of all belts and lines. Evacuate and recharge with reclaimed R-134. Test system performance. Note center vent temp Max Cool/High____40°_____ Connect gauge set and advise of High and Low pressures @ 1500 Rpm. Ambient_______86°______High_____160psi______Low___35psi_______ Inspect Belts, hoses, fan clutch, and electric fans if equipped and advise of recommendations. No leaks were found using the refrigerant sniffer, checked condensor, compressor, shrader valves, expansion valve, all hoses and connectors, checked evaporator with the sniffer and did not detect any leaks. Recharged system and system worked great. Added dye to system .
    Yvonne S. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/24/2024
  • 2018 Nissan Pathfinder

    Nissan Pathfinder
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • We were able to confirm the concern while on a test drive with the customer. This light that is coming on is an emergency braking light and has to do with the front facing Laser/Radar. The light on the center of the dash is the programmed sensitivity of the radar. We pulled codes and found a C1A16- Radar blocked and a C10B7 which does not give us a description. Based on service data we have found that the ICC sensor is a common issue with these vehicles however we do not posses the systems to properly replace, reprogram, and align the new sensor. You can manually turn off the emergency braking system however it will turn back on with every key cycle. Once turned off the light on the ride side of the dash will stay illuminated indicating that the system is off.
    Louise L. gave our service a 5 star review on 5/13/2024
  • 2005 Infiniti G35

    Infiniti G35
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Looked at system and is a drive by wire system, No throttle cable. Performed a code scan and No codes present, all monitors passed. Checked the throttle blade for excessive play, throttle blade has no play. Test drove vehicle and could not replicate concern. If there was a problem it would set a check engine light.
    • Fuel Gauge is reading just under full, removed sending unit and cycled the float and the gauge follows, from empty to full. Could not replicate concern at this time.
    Adam F. gave our service a 5 star review on 5/8/2024
  • 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

    Chrysler PT Cruiser
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Confirmed no start. Used jumper pack to start vehicle. While vehicle was running checked charging system. System is charging at 14.5v. Charging system is okay. Tested battery. Battery failed the test. Battery CCA spec is 550 and it wouldn't measure any CCA from battery. Recommend replacement of battery and retesting system afterwards. Battery terminals look fairly new and tight. Recommend rechecking after battery replacement to correctness.
    • Oil is close to minimum level. Lifted vehicle up and inspected for leaks. Found the top end of the engine dry. And found oil pressure sensor to be leaking, oil filter adapter gasket is leaking, and engine oil pan is leaking as well. Power steering rack is covered in oil. Looks like engine oil. Recommend power washing the undercarriage of the front of the vehicle after repairs to ensure no more leaks are present. Recommend replacement oil pressure sender, oil filter housing gasket, and replacement of oil pan gasket/reseal oil pan with silicone.
    • ENGINE OIL FILTER BASE – Remove & Replace – Normally Aspirated
    • OIL PAN &/OR GASKET – Remove & Replace – Normally Aspirated
    • OIL PRESSURE SENDER OR SWITCH – Remove & Replace
    Robert S. gave our service a 5 star review on 5/1/2024
  • 2016 Mazda CX-5

    Mazda CX-5
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    Kim H. gave our service a 5 star review on 4/30/2024